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Office hours- Thursday
Jaina was having a horrible month- horrible summer, reall- and she needed some normalcy.

So there was a Jaina pony in her office, sitting at the desk. She was half-tempted to text Eric and apologize for probably making fun of him when he was a pony and she wasnt, but she wasn't about to give out ammunition.

[Open with SP!]

Anakin, covered in chocolate milk and holding two coffees that he'd had to go all the way back to Georgetown for, stomped into Jaina's office.

"This island is ridicu-- and of course you're a pony. Ugh."

"I think the island is trying to turn me to the dark side," Jaina said.

Her tail waved adorably in annoyance.

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The tail thing was adorable, but Anakin wasn't entirely stupid and didn't mention it out loud.

"Well, the pony thing only lasts a few days?" he tried. "Not sure about the weather, though."

"We all need to invest in ponchos. Not that I can put one on because I'm a horse," Jaina crabbed.

Anakin burst out laughing at that. "Sorry," he finally gasped. "Maybe I can see what I can do with one of Obi-Wan's robes?"

He left them everywhere.

"No, I think I'm pretty committed to being miserable," she admitted, making a face. "Thanks for laughing at my pain, even though you're covered in chocolate, you brat."

"I'd say I brought coffee to make up for it, but it's not in a pony-compatible vessel," Anakin said.

"I will figure it out, you cannot deprive me of caffeine on a day like this," Jaina pointed out.

"Fair enough," Anakin said. "I'll leave it here and see if I can find a bucket for it or something?"

"I'll figure it out," Jaina said, holding out a hoof. "Thanks. Sorry I'm extra cranky today."

"Well, you're a pony," Anakin said. "Allowances can be made."

"It's kind of the capper to a really bad summer. And it's only half over," Jaina said, wrinkling her nose. It looked different as a pony as it did as a human.

Anakin took a seat, looking sympathetic. "Want to talk about it before or I after I find your coffee bucket?"


"Before. Coffee can be my sharing reward," Jaina said. "You can sit if you want."

"I'll try not to be smug about being able to," Anakin promised, placing both coffees on Jaina's desk and turning his full attention to her.

"Well," Jaina sighed, "there's being cut off from my home so that I don't really get to talk to my husband or family very often, and I missed my first anniversary. I got to go home for one day and had to come back with no warning. I'm getting hit with every bit of random stupidness the island throws at people, and this place is stupidly quiet so I don't even get real distractions from any of it. Also I'm a pony."

Anakin sent her a wave of sympathy through the Force. "I'm especially sorry you missed your anniversary," he said.

"Thanks. We kind of got part of a day. At least there's that?" she tried.

Anakin smiled softly. "It's better than nothing. During the war, Padme and I got a lot of nothing. This is just...poodoo timing. You'll get plenty more anniversaries."

"I hope. He's under strict orders not to find anybody else if I get cut off entirely and time speeds up for five years," Jaina admitted.

Not that Jag ever would.

"He knows he's got a great thing with you," Anakin said. "Jag doesn't strike me as a stupid man."

"No. And he knows how things work here. He's seen some of it himself. But if I got cut off like I did that one time... It'd be bad." It'd kind of been her biggest fear this whole time.

Anakin nodded, biting his lower lip. "I'd offer a hug, but I'm not sure how that would work today. Plus I'm covered in chocolate milk."

"We'll save it for when we're normal and clean," Jaina agreed. "Thanks for letting me vent. Hey, remember when I wouldn't do that?"

"I do," Anakin said. "I've been told this is much healthier."

"And not really that scary," Jaina said. "Who knew."

"We should tell people, but I'm not sure they'd believe us," Anakin said.

Jessica was visiting the school offices, checking things out on official police business. Did she have a sack full of staplers? Shut up and stop asking questions.

One thing that definitely wasn't in her sack was a lightsaber. But there was one on a desk over there. A desk with a distracted little pony at it. A pony that might not notice a thin webline coming into the office and yanking the lightsaber out. Or maybe she would notice that. Who knew what ponies might notice? Jessica didn't intend to stick around long enough to find out.

It was some time before Jaina was undistracted and looked over to see her lightsaber was missing. She hadn't heard it roll anywhere and knew she hadn't put it elsewhere- hi, she was not trying to operate drawers right now- and it was just gone.

Pony was gonna flip a table.

Desk. Pony was gonna flip a desk.


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