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En route to Chandrila- Monday
On one hand, Jaina hated diplomatic missions and didn't think she was any good at them. On the other hand, at least she was getting out to do things, and she was getting better at the diplomacy thing. And sure, she had to bring a bodyguard still, but he was in back during the flight, while Jaina got to hang out in the cockpit and he slightly bored.

Naturally this meant getting the phone out. She took a picture out the viewport of the hyperspace lines (which took more tries than she would ever admit to to get something not-blurry) and sent it off.

Because really, if nothing else it was pretty.

[open for calls and texts! As always if you think you got it, you did!]

Ben texted her. Should I be worried that Val can almost program a droid as a toddler?

No, that sounds about right. Only worry about what she's programming it to do.

She was gonna be a great mom.

So far hiding in corners and running out when I come into the room. She laughs her head off. Pretty picture--where you going?

Chandrila. I'm kind of on a See-I'm-Not-Really-Scary tour. It is SUPER FUN.

And they say you can't ge sarcasm across in text!

HA. Are you wearing a swoopy cape? Did you pick theme music?

I kind of figured that wouldn't help my case? Unless maybe I took tips from Lando.

Rumor has it that he picks his cape so it won't clash with the room he's going into. That's dedication.

The thing is, I've been on missions with him and haven't seen this. I think he's just that good.

[Wtf comment, post.]

Latent style sensitivity that clearly missed the 'let's wear brown for millennia' Jedi.

The only real reason I'm not sorry about the leaving-the-Jedi thing.

Though the robes were really comfortable.

How are things there?

Good! Ender's got a new project, so that makes him happy. I'm exploring a new planet, so that makes me happy. Little Val is clearly plotting to take over the galaxy via droids, so she's good. How are you feeling?

I hate everything about 80% of the time.

Is that including Jag right now? Ben asked.

Not yet, because he knows me well enough to know when to go away. I'm positive I'll yell at him for that at some point.

At least she knew she wasn't the easiest person to deal with.

At least you know in advance that you're going to be weird?

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