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The Jedi Temple- Coruscant- Thursday morning
After their training session this morning, Jaina let Jag and Tahiri both leave the training room first, teasing, "I swear tomorrow I'll let you guys have a fighting chance."

"Oh, no. I'm not falling for that, o Sword of the Jedi," Tahiri said, and maybe the wince and mild grunt of pain when she rolled her shoulders were just a little bit exaggerated. Okay, they were definitely exaggerated. "Though it's nice of you to let me hold out just a little hope. Nice, or cruel. I can't really decide."

"It can be two things," Jag said. "I, however, know better."

Tahiri turned and raised an eyebrow at him. "Care to enlighten me, in that case?"

"It's simple: I'll always lose," he said, and was completely fine with that. "Except that one time."

Jaina rolled her eyes at him, and if asked she'd pretend it was because his comm was going off when they had verbal banter going.

Tahiri shot a quizzical look in the direction of said comm, and shook her head. "This was about to get really entertaining. Figures."

"Everyone who'd be calling me is right here," Jag frowned, but thumbed on his comlink anyway. "Jagged Fel."

"This is Vitor Reige," came the voice from the other end. "Are you able to get away for a while?"

The frown deepened. "Give me a moment, I can get somewhere more secure-"

"I mean are you able to come to Bastion," said Reige, not exactly phrasing it like a question.

Jag looked over at Jaina, who wasn't about to tell him yes or no because she was trying to hear the rest of the conversation. "When?"

"As soon as possible. Can you leave today?"

"I can manage that. Can you say why?"

"Not at this time. When you get into orbit, call my assistant, we'll have instructions for you from there," Reige said, and ended the call with a terse goodbye.

"Sooo," Jaina said slowly, "you realize I'm going along."

"I guess that means I'll be along for the ride too," Tahiri added, not quite as slowly.

Jag looked over at Tahiri. "Do you really want to?"

"Of course." Tahiri shot both of them a brief, wry grin. "Can't let you two have all the fun."

"I suppose from the sounds of it that having a bodyguard might not be the worst thing," Jag admitted. Tahiri would always feel a little bit like his bodyguard. "All right, we can let the Jedi know we're going-"

"Jag. No," Jaina said, shaking her head. "They'd want to know why and we don't even know that."

"Not to mention, not having a nice clear cut explanation isn't exactly likely to encourage them to stop asking," Tahiri added. Look, she was very fond of the Order and all, or at least a lot of people in it. She was just very aware of how hard it was for them to stay out of things.

"I really should have known better," Jag realized. "All right, we'll skip that step."

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Thank you to the amazing weetuskenraider for Tahiriing for me!]


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