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En route to Chandrila- Monday

On one hand, Jaina hated diplomatic missions and didn't think she was any good at them. On the other hand, at least she was getting out to do things, and she was getting better at the diplomacy thing. And sure, she had to bring a bodyguard still, but he was in back during the flight, while Jaina got to hang out in the cockpit and he slightly bored.

Naturally this meant getting the phone out. She took a picture out the viewport of the hyperspace lines (which took more tries than she would ever admit to to get something not-blurry) and sent it off.

Because really, if nothing else it was pretty.

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Imperial Palace- Bastion

Jaina had had a while now to actually start picking up on this whole empress thing, so she was glad to have a break for something more normal. Also, she was maybe a little self-conscious (this was rare) because no one from Fandom had actually seen her since everything had happened, and she remembered how different Tenel Ka had seemed after being put in a similar position. As far as Jaina was aware the only thing different about her was that she actually looked pregnant these days, but still. She wondered.

And anyway, she still went out to meet Tahiri when she heard she was here, since she figured no one should have to show up and get greeted by a team of Imperials.

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Iridonia- Wednesday

If you asked Jaina, her little diplomatic mission had gone very well, overall. She wasn't sure everyone else agreed with her, but she didn't really care what they thought.Collapse )

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The Imperial Palace- Bastion- Sunday morning

Jaina had been at this for a month now, and while she still hated everything about her situation, she was actively trying to get more involved in it. This wasn't something she could run away from, or distract herself from. She was stuck with this, so she might as well get good at it.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay not that it happens. Thanks to craftyladyparts, the best Star Wars namer.].)


Bastion- late Saturday night

Jaina got a say in who her security team would be, because there was literally no other way that was going to go. She worked with Ashik and Jag's people to go through a list of suitable candidates, talked her way down to a single bodyguard, and then selected the one whose file she kept coming back to.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Thanks to craftyladyparts for coming up with Star Wars names! Because it's hard to.]


Imperial Palace- Bastion

Jaina had an office now, which was probably a good thing when she was still cranky about yesterday and wasn't much fun to be around. Besides, being stuck out here in a mostly strange place where she cranky didn't know enough about how everything worked meant that she had a lot to research, especially if she was going to be in charge of it. It was interesting, too, even beyond seeing how they told history as opposed how she had always learned it.

She shouldn't have had the news on in the background, though, because as soon as she heard her name mentioned she got irritated all over again. She didn't like being cooped up till the bodyguard thing was settled, she still hated the bodyguard thing anyway, she wasn't happy that There's had to be a conversation about whether or not it was safer to announce the pregnancy sooner rather than later because she didn't want to have to make a public announcement.

So when everything these days felt out of control for her, Jaina decided to do the one thing she did have control over, by picking up her phone and sending a text.

1. I'm gonna be a mom
2. I'm an empress now
3. How are you?

Eh, they'd only really been waiting to tell their families first anyway.

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Bastion- Monday

It was a hard thing, moving to a new place. It was harder when it was sudden and you were now in charge of said place and you didn't know it very well.Collapse )

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Bastion- Tuesday

Unsurprisingly, Han was not dealing well with his daughter moving off to Imperial space to be a Jedi empress, and the baby news hadn't exactly made him feel better about it.Collapse )

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Coruscant- Friday

Given that he was in the process of reshaping the government, it was agreed that Jag shouldn't be leaving Imperial space quite yet. So Jaina returned to Coruscant to settle things there, and there weren't words to describe how much she did not want to call the special Council meeting to tell the Jedi what was happening.Collapse )

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Imperial Palace- Bastion- Wednesday

It was an agonizing couple days of silence and secrecy, clandestine meetings with Reige about what was going to happen, things they needed to do get set up to cut off any Moff/Sith retaliation at the pass, and how to handle public outcry.Collapse )

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Bastion- so late Friday it's technically Saturday

Jaina had stayed out late on the roof, thinking, and meditating, and trying to find any other way out of this situation than the one that wouldn't leave her head. Collapse )

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Bastion- Friday

Once they got around Bastion, they were asked to stay in orbit for what turned into an hour, at which point they were given strict landing instructions and then escorted by some of Reige's people towards a little-used room in the palace.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Preplayed with weetuskenraider and <3 <3 <3

I didn't mean to start a coup on inauguration day buuuuuut it happened. OOPS.]


The Jedi Temple- Coruscant- Thursday morning

After their training session this morning, Jaina let Jag and Tahiri both leave the training room first.Collapse )

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Jag and Jaina's apartment- Coruscant- Wednesday evening

Jaina had come back from training a little later than she'd planned, and as she opened the door to the apartment was already saying...Collapse )

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Jag and Jaina's apartment- Coruscant- Wednesday

There still hadn't been any word from the Chiloon Rift, and it was driving Jaina insane. Bad enough that her parents were there, but Ben and Tahiri had been dispatched to check up on them, and then Luke had gone. So most of her family was out there, and she had no idea what was happening. She thought she'd been pretty good about handling it. And then today, she'd gone down for some training, which she thought would make her feel better, but the more she thought about it, the more frustrated she got.

It meant that when she got back to the apartment, the first words out of her mouth were, "I think we should go to the Rift."

Jag looked up from where he'd been working on a schematic of some sort. "After your parents?"

"After everyone," she nodded.

His expression didn't change. "No one who's one there has been heard from since, possibly dealing with an Abeloth.... something or other, and you want to go there."

She nodded again. "Yep."

"Frankly, I'm surprised it took you this long," Jag admitted. "You pack while I finish this."

She'd so married well.



Shedu Maad- Monday

Jaina had mixed feelings about being here.Collapse )

[Last book of canon! Taken from Crucible by Troy Denning. NFB, NFI, OOC okay.]

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Jag and Jaina's apartment- Coruscant- Saturday

Jaina had been home for not even a full two weeks and she was already being sent off on a mission. She'd come home to grab some things, and now poor Jag was stuck listening to her bitch.

Though really, he'd known what he was getting into here when he married her.Collapse )

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MHA #6- Sunday afternoon

Ever since communications back to her universe had opened up again, Jaina had been making daily attempts to book a portal back. It had always resulted in an error message, and then she'd put her phone down and try again the next day, just in case.

Today when she did it, her request went through.

Right now Jaina was in the best mood ever, even after calling Portalocity to make sure they had her request in the system and threaten them with descriptive violence if her portal was canceled or even delayed, but she'd been pretty cheerful when making said threat. In retrospect, that was probably scarier.

And then she sent out a quick text to anyone who might care: Portalocity came through! Finally getting home tonight!, just in case anyone wanted to call or visit while she packed up.

Best day.

[Open for visits, texts, etc! Jaina's last post on island this summer.]


Office hours- Thursday

Jag had called while Jaina was in her office, and they'd talked for a good half hour before she realized that the call hadn't cut off for the first time since she'd been here. So they stayed on to take advantage of things working for once.

She even flat out told him that they were staying on as long as the connections held out, so in the rare case that she got visitors, they'd be dealing with an eavesdropper.



Office hours- Thursday

Jaina was having a horrible month- horrible summer, reall- and she needed some normalcy.

So there was a Jaina pony in her office, sitting at the desk. She was half-tempted to text Eric and apologize for probably making fun of him when he was a pony and she wasnt, but she wasn't about to give out ammunition.

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Atlas Gym- Friday morning

It was Jaina's birthday, she was still stuck here, she definitely was not turning on the TV today, and she hadn't been able to get a clear signal from home yet. She'd had better days.

She was fully planning to spend as much as much of her day as possible at the gym, because she just needed to punch a lot of things. Also she genuinely liked punching things and thought of it as a legitimate hobby.

And her phone and con link were out, safely tucked against the wall, just in case.

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Flight and Flying classroom- midnight technically Tuesday

Jaina had had a great day back home, being able to see her parents and talk to Allana uninterrupted and actually spend time with Jag with what they'd decided was their anniversary observed. She'd had a feeling that there was some kind of catch to being able to get home like that, but she'd figured maybe it was a holiday or couple days thing.

Instead she'd fallen asleep in her own bed and the next thing she knew she was back in the classroom she'd disappeared from.

"I hate this place," she sighed, and really, really meant it right now.



Coruscant- Monday at the tail end of 1st period

One second Jaina was in class, and the next, she wasn't.

In fact, she was in her apartment. Back home.

She took a moment to look around and ensure that nothing was weird, that this was real and not some weird trick, and while she had no idea how this was happening, she wasn't about to knock it. Now to call Jag and tell him to get the hell home.

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MHA #6- Wednesday evening

There were two gremlins closed off in Jaina's bathroom. She wasn't scared of them, but she was extremely wary of what they did to Skywalkers. As evidenced by her time as Celine Dion. And the Care Bear. And a mime. And a Pussycat Doll. And a drunken socialite. And Oprah.

Look, the point was that she wasn't messing around with any gremlins. She barely knew anyone around here these days and it'd be far more embarrassing to act like an idiot with them possibly thinking she was already like that. So she'd managed to herd them in there, slammed the door, and put a chair up against it because she didn't actually know if they were capable of opening them.

But that course of action also posed a problem after a while, and at some point she was going to have to figure out what to do if they didn't just escape through a vent.

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A tavern in Eternia- Friday evening

Jaina had always been an explorer, so she'd gotten around handwavily a lot this summer. This place was no exception, and she'd spent part of her day checking the place out before finally settling at a tavern for some people-watching.

And she kept finding reasons to introduce herself to people because some of the names here were the weirdest.

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Office #9- Thursday

If you thought that Jaina wouldn't take a selfie with an Ewok to send to her mom, you were mistaken. Girl had to make her own fun here.

What was not fun, though, was trying to send the picture with severe connection issues between two galaxies. Mainly she was spending her office time cursing at her phone because she could not just try to do this later. Could not.



Bright Tree Village- Saturday afternoon

Maybe this wasn't Jaina's universe- she knew better than to try and remind any Ewoks of how much they liked her mom if they decided they felt like roasting her on a spit- but it was something of home that she needed. The constant worry that she was stuck here permanently was lessened some by at least being somewhere she kind of knew.

She also wasn't adverse to going right up to the village and hanging out with a bunch of sentient teddy bears. She wasn't sure how effectively they were communicating, but she was cool with sitting off to the side somewhere while they went about her day, while one would occasionally come up to sit next to her for a while. Worse ways to spend a day.

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Office #9- Thursday

Jaina had gotten to talk to Jag for a surprisingly long time this morning, and then the connection cut off again and she couldn't get back through. It happened a lot, but that didn't make it suck any less.

So if you needed Jaina, she would be aggressively setting up her office, even though she barely had stuff. She had her ways.


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MHA #6- Saturday afternoon

After waking up, Jaina had gone for a long run around the island, and returned to... no other clothes. Not that she had a ton of clothes to begin with, since she hadn't planned on being here this long and she was stubbornly not buying a lot to replace them yet, but she still looked through closets and drawers and the bag she'd brought with her just in case she'd left something in there.

"I hate this town," Jaina sighed.

Honestly? She'd blame gremlins until told otherwise.

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Hapes- Wednesday

Apparently, when your best friend (who you'd had a crush on as a kid, and who'd had a thing for you for an embarrassingly long time, and who you'd maybe made out with once when you were sharing a brain which did not count and was not your fault) was getting married and you felt weird about it, you got into a fight with your new husband about it.

So yeah, Jaina was having a great trip so far.

It wasn't the Zekk stuff that was actually bothering her, though. Yeah, she'd literally, physically known how he had felt about her and knowing that that wasn't true anymore was weird, but she'd gotten over that a while ago. It was more that coupled with being on Hapes early to visit with Allana, she was seeing people arrive and that meant they'd managed to get herself, Zekk, Tenel Ka and Lowie alone in a room together... and there was no Jacen. It was bothering her, and she didn't know how to articulate why, or if she even wanted to. Even though she'd have to to settle the fight. Feelings were dumb, basically.

With some time to herself, she tried to do some meditating in her and Jag's room. It was not going well, and a distraction would be welcome.

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Coruscant- Friday

Jaina hadn't actually had to live with someone longterm since the days of the Killiks (and that had been a lot of someones), so the last couple months had been a major adjustment for her. This wasn't because Jag had a lot of bad habits or anything. In fact, while wondering why he couldn't not clean up after himself or leave towels on the floor like a normal person, she'd begun to realize that she was the one in this relationship with all the bad habits, and to add insult to injury, he didn't even get mad about it, which sort of annoyed her.

Welcome to married life in the Fel household.

But overall, it was going really well, and when Jag had been asked to come back to the Empire to help out with some situation or another since he sort of had experience with crises there, Jaina found herself super bored without him there. She hadn't been sent out on any missions yet since she'd been promoted to Master, her parents were off who knows where again since Allana was back to being a princess on Hapes for now... So she grabbed her phone for a mass text.

Entertain me.

There, now she could bored-tidy up the apartment while seeing if anyone texted her back.

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down the aisle

The Dragon Queen II- Saturday

The wedding was being held on the Dragon Queen II, because for these two particular people, there was no more perfect place to get married than on a spaceship. Everything was ready there, and Jaina and her family had gotten ready aboard the Falcon, which then docked at the larger ship for them to make their entrance. She thought she'd be nervous, but... not even a little.Collapse )

[Taken from Apocalypse by Troy Denning, and that is it for canon. *cries*

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Jedi Temple- Monday afternoon on

Since Abeloth had been defeated, Jaina had been just slightly busy. Luke still wasn't recovered from whatever happened to him beyond shadows, so she'd been spending a lot of time at the medical center. Then there was helping to take out the rest of the Sith that had been on Coruscant. And getting used to her new duties as a Master. And dealing with the fallout of the Sith knowing who Allana was, which meant that she'd be going home to her actual mother soon. And packing up her quarters at the Temple to move into her own place with her former Head of State fiance. And finally, finally getting to plan her kriffing wedding.

And so when she actually had some time to herself, she sent along a message to people: It's finally happening. The wedding's Saturday, June 20, out here. Fancy invitations with details to follow, this is just the probably tacky save the date. :)

Then she went back to packing things up, and wondering how weird it'd be if she showed up to the new place with a box full of boxes of dirt.

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Abeloth's planet- Monday evening

Jaina had chosen this particular ship because it was fast, sturdy, could evade detection and deliver a debilitating attack, and she was really glad for her choice in this fight against Ship.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC fine! Most dialogue and a couple bits taken from Apocalypse by Troy Denning, though I added parts and took stuff out and all that fun stuff.]


The Rude Awakening- Monday afternoon

The closer they got to where they'd tracked Abeloth, the quieter Luke got, and Jaina didn't have to guess as to why. Of course, she wouldn't be her if she didn't say something about it anyway.Collapse )

[I have very honest love for Jaina being Luke's sounding board. NFB, 123, JFK, FBI, BYOB, Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD. Dialogue taken from Apocalypse by Troy Denning.]


Senate Building- Wednesday

Jaina's very first Council meeting as a Jedi Master was held in Wuul's office, and it wasn't until Corran nodded his head towards an empty chair that she realized it was for her.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Most dialogue from Apocalypse by Troy Denning, with thanks to sith_happened for giving me a reason to cut this thing to sense-making shreds!]

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Medcenter- Coruscant- Wednesday

There were better ways to come out of a bacta tank than with dreams/Force visions, but there were probably worse ways too. Probably.Collapse )

[Welcome to the part of the series where the entire fandom looked at this, then looked at Legacy, and went "...but wait." NFB, NFI, I don't hate OOC. Dialogue and a couple bits from Apocalypse by Troy Denning.]

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The Jedi Temple- Saturday

Ever since the days leading up to Myrkr, Jaina had specifically trained for endurance in situations where she'd be on the go and fighting for an extended time. What she was learning now was that sometimes all the preparation in the world didn't help.Collapse )

[This book is very focused on time. Idk. NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Dialogue and a bit or two from Apocalypse by Troy Denning.]

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The Jedi Temple- Friday afternoon

A day after the siege started, it was no closer to ending. It was still six Jedi against possibly thousands of Sith, but so far they were holding their own, even if there were some more injuries than when they'd started out.Collapse )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Written based off stuff that was said was said in the book because why make things easy on me.]


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